Top software companies in Bangalore

Here is a list of Top software companies in Bangalore; these are the best companies in IT, Software and technology sector. Ranking process of these top software companies in Bangalore are frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Wipro
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka| Establishment – 1945 |
Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing | Website |
Wipro is an leading Indian software company which has a great market reputation worldwide in IT industry. Company was established in the year 1945, a software and IT solution provider which has offices in more than 60 countries worldwide.

2 | Infosys
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1981 |
Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing | |
It is a 7.2 billion dollar software company founded in year 1981. It has become a top software company in Bangalore in consulting, technology and outsourcing business.

3 | Accenture
Corporate office – Dublin, Ireland | Establishment – 1913 |
Business – IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing | Website www. |
Accenture is among the top software companies in Bangalore, it is a Multi national software company which has been operating in almost every country. Company was established in the year 1913 and this global operating company started India operation in the year 1987 in Mumbai.
4 |IBM
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1992 |
Business – Software and Hardware solution | Website |
IBM is a technology and software company which offers complete solution in hardware, software and services. It has been operating in India for past 20 years and having presence in almost 200 cities in India.
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5 | Compaq
Corporate office – Texas, United States | Establishment – 1982 |
Business – IT Consulting, IT Services & Computer Hardware | |
Founded in the year 1982 and Compaq was acquired by HP in the year 2002. Compaq manufactures computer hardware and provides IT services & software related services.

6 | Linc Software Services Private Limited
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1988 |
Business – – IT Services | |
One of the best software companies in Bangalore provides IT solutions to clients worldwide. Company has many offices all across the globe including India, America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
7 | Oracle India pvt Ltd
Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana | Establishment – 1977 |
Business – Hardware and Software | |
Oracle was founded in the year 1977 in California, USA. It is one of the prestigious software and hardware company in world specialization in marketing, DBMS and organization based software.
8 | zenith Software Limited
Corporate office – Bangalore, India | Establishment – 1996 |
Business – IT Services & Outsourcing | Website |
A Zenith Group company offers software solution in India and abroad. Their IT service includes BI & Data warehousing, Custom Application Development, Software Testing, Application Management Services and Package Application Services. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified company.
9 | SAP Labs India Private Limited
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1996 |
Business – Software Solutions ||
One of the top software companies in Bangalore, SAP Labs India is the subsidiary of SAP AG and mainly dealing in research, design and enhancing the software applications. Head quartered in Bangalore company was established in the year 1996 .
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10 | Syntel India Ltd
Corporate office – Michigan, USA | Establishment – 1980 |
Business – IT and Outsourcing solutions | |
Syntel, established in the year 1980 is a leading IT Consulting, IT Outsourcing and BPO firm offering IT services which includes Application Development , Application Management, Architecture Solutions, Business Analytic, Cloud Computing, Collaborative client partnerships and Enterprise Business Solutions.
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