Top 10 Universities in the World

Top 10 Universities in the World For Education

Every student deserve the best education when it comes to university we focus on various factors and academic prestige, scholarly excellence, and intellectual horsepower including satisfaction of students and alums, attractiveness of campus, extracurricular benefits, affordability of tuition, and expected income of graduates and to determine it the ranking include quality of education, quality of faculty, influence, broad impact, alumni employment, publications, citations, and patents. Here is the list of Top 10 Universities in the World.

10. University of Washington

University of Washington

The university of Washington runs several professional schools in medicine, engineering, business, and law, Also it has launched several social research centres in U.S. the Washington University combines students paying state school tuition and distance learning and this combination makes it top-notch research centre .

9. Yale University

Yale University

Yale University is the one from everyone would expect a major research university and it had an influence on many students among different nations. It also enjoys a flexible alumni network that stretches to everywhere. Yale is dominant in humanities, science and the learned professions which give unique ability to pursue interdisciplinary research listing it as one of the Top 10 Universities in the World.

8. Oxford University


Oxford university is the most impressive center of learning with its intellectual roots firmly planted in Medieval; scholasticism and Oxford’s name has become synonymous with learning and knowledge and it continuous to be research grants and contracts.

7. University of Chicago

University of California Los Angeles

The university of Chicago is one of the youngest university in the world and it has spearheaded in world’s most important scientific achievements. It possesses many programs in humanities and the social science also including world-renowned Economics Department. It is rapidly growing and assuring the constitution of ample of research opportunities.

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6. Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia university is oldest one in the United States and it is spread across five distinct campuses in New york city. It has a lot of history and internally recognised with billion endowments and a library that contains millions of volumes.  It is a leading university in New York and gives numerous opportunity to the students.

5. Princeton University

Princeton University

Princeton University os the oldest and historic university in the U.S. The university has self-consciously evolved into massive and research think tank and instead of developing professional programs, it has no law, medical, business or divinity shool. Princeton expects to teach students of different various academic levels also Princeton has so many leading institutions with a difficult grading scale. This is regarded as one of the preffered University in the world among the youths.


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