Top 10 Largest Army in the World

List Of  Largest Army in the World

The world has the largest standing army in which numbers may not be everything but having the capacity to fight against enemy always provide certain benefits to maintain sovereignty and integrity of a nation. There are certainly other factors to consider to determine the strongest military in the world. We are presenting you the list of Top 10 Largest Army in the World in terms of active personnel, World Military Strength, Technology, Weapons, Tanks, Attacks, Aircrafts, Helicopters, and Submarine.



Turkey The Eurasian  is the most populated in the world and its military service has five branches that are The Turkish Armed Force, The Turkish Air Force, The Turkish Gendarmerie, Turkish Naval Force and Turkish Coast Guard. Turkey obtains military equipment from the US, Germany, and Israel.

9. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom


The British armed force has active personnel in its military and spends lot for the defence of the country also they take part in supporting International peacekeeping efforts and provide humanitarian aid in natural disasters or terror attacks listing the army among one of the top Largest Army in the World.

8. taly



Italy service branches are The army Force, The marina Militare, the Naval force The Air Force and the Gendarmerie that has also involved in many operations and missions abroad. The country has spent billions for defense and has the active personnel and reserved personnel.

7. South Korea

 South Korea

The South Korea service branches are The Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea Navy, Republic of Korea Air force, and also the Republic of Korea Marine Crops and in Korea, it is compulsory to engage in conscription for all the males for certain time period. The country has active personnel and reserve personnel listing it one of the top Largest Army in the World .

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6. France


France has the largest army size in the European Union and The country maintain the third largest nuclear deterrent in the world. French Armed force includes The Franch army, The Franch Navy, The Franch Air Force  and also The National Gendarmerie. The French Army has a number of active personnel along with Gendarmerie.

5. Japan


Japan is constituted of three Self Defence Forces services branches that are Japan Ground Self Defence Force, The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, and The Japan Air Self-Defence Force. Japan has involved in Manufacturing Industry,  the domestic providers and many other to for the defence.


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