Top 10 Courier companies in India

Here is a list of top 10 courier companies in India; these are the giant organizations involved in shipping, logistic, transportation, distribution and courier service in India. Ranking process of these best courier companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 | Indian Postal service
Corporate office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 1774 |
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Indian Postal service is a government owned and operated postal service system established in 1774. It has been a leading postal player since its inception; the organization has more than 1.5 lakh post offices in the country. It’s the most trusted express delivery product. Speed post was started in 1986 and time bound delivery makes it top Courier Company in India.

2 | DHL Express India Pvt Ltd
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1969 |
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DHL Express is a global courier company which has a global presence in more than 200 countries. The organization was established in 1969 and it is part of the giant postal service group, Deutsche post DHL and has three commercial divisions including DHL express.

3 | Blue dart Express limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamilnadu | Establishment – 1994 |
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Bluedart is a subsidiary of DHL and one among the top courier companies in India. The company is operating in more than 220 countries and territories globally with its global brand DHL. An ISO 9001-2008 distribution company is partnering with various eCommerce portals and corporate.

4 | First Flight courier limited
Corporate office Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1986 |
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First flight is an Indian courier company established in year 1986 and leading player in domestic courier distribution. The company has around 1200 domestic offices and serving in almost every country and territory at global level.

5| FedEx India
Corporate office – Dallas, USA | Establishment – 1973 |
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An express delivery and distribution network provider, Fedex is a global leader in courier service. The organization was established in 1973 and serving in almost every region. It is based at Dallas, USA and has distribution offices in 220 countries and territories in the world.

6 | DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited
Corporate office Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment – 1990 |
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DTDC is formed as a private limited company in 1990 and converted into Public limited in 1994. It is a premier courier company and has a wide distribution network within country and abroad. The company holds reasonable market share in courier service in India.

7 | TNT Express
Corporate office – Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment – 1974 |
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Netherland based Courier Company operating in more than 190 countries and has been a leading player in the transport business at global level for past many years. Its major products service includes express delivery solution and charter delivery.

8 | Gati Limited
Corporate office – Singapore | Establishment – 1989 |
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Gati limited is ranked among the top 10 courier companies in India having expertise in express delivery and supply chain solution. The company was founded in year 1989 and has a strong market presence in south Asia and Asia pacific region.

9 | Overnite Express Limited
Corporate office – New Delhi | Establishment – 1987 |
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Serving more than 2800 location in the country and covers 1000 locations worldwide, an Overnite is a leading name in Courier companies in India. It started the distribution of goods and parcel business in year 1987 and now became a major player in the courier service in India.

10| The Professional Courier Network Limited
Corporate office – New Delhi, India | Establishment – 1987 |
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The Professional courier limited founded in year 1987 has 20 regional offices and over 20 K + serving locations and it is one of the premier courier company in India. It’s corporate office is based at New Delhi and serving in more than 200 countries with its business associates around the globe.

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  • absar ulhaque

    Make sure you don’t don’t prefer blue dart. I had lot of difficulties in it. Just google it u will know

  • akash yadav

    Dtdc should not be in top 100 . worst company ever. No customer care no . employees are dictators either you pick up yourself or we return .
    Bluedart nice but costly. I prefer a small company flyking exp. Nice very cheap and delhi to mumbai max 2 days.
    And speed post no comparision ever . best of best just problem is offices and queues .
    But DTDC worst worst i suffered 3 times but only reason is my companies office is just abive dtdc office so bcs of that i suffer.

  • Reyansh Mehar

    Choose FedEx to deliver your time-sensitive, important shipments to and from over 220 countries and territories world-wide. Import or export, express or less urgent, small packages or heavyweight, FedEx has the service you need.

  • Krillin

    Fed Ex is awesome but, Blue DART ????

    Blue Dart is a totally retarded agency. I always ask the seller if he/she is selling VIA Blue Dart. In such a case i CANCEL the ITEM.

    Please reject all the items that are being shipped / couriered via BLUE DART.
    I have seen cases where the item reaches the same city in no time and yet doesnt get delivered for days and weeks.

    Everybody should reject Blue Dart services.

    I have had delightful experience with FedEx.

  • himanshu gupta

    Overnite is the best courier in all companies

  • gagandeep

    all the courier companies in india are worst. latest experience
    from this blog notice that india post is number one company but india post is and will be worst carrier for parcel. can not say any thing about forms or papers etc. we send some parcels from north india to south india they open our parcels take out the products like professional thief and fill them will bunch of magazines and our customers think that we did that. we lost our money courier charges and most importantly trust.
    we also work with other courier companies. problem with each company is their representatives and the end point of delivery.any courier person deliver responsibly only COD parcels because he got commission on COD but prepaid they hold the parcel for week and then returned back or called the customers to pick the parcels. same thing also happens in india post. this problem is more in south india(AP, TAMILNADU, MAHARASHTRA, KARNATAKA etc. ) and less in north india